what is it

Plopsec is an infosec online meetup (but not limited to infosec, see our CFP) hosting lightning talks (~10 minutes). Plopsec has no fixed date, forget deadlines. It appears when there is enough content, fed by your proposals and topics, and disappears the same way it appeared. Plopsec is announced a few days before its release, broadcast online thanks to the contribution of speakers chosen among the candidates who have submitted proposals, video will be available later on our website.

If you want to talk about a sensitive topic or do not want your talk recorded, just tell us and we will include it in one of our private meetups: no video recording, no slides, more freedom.

This format allows beginners to overcome their stress, speakers to present their work, their favourite topics to everyone. There is no need to show up, just give a handle (or a name) and present a cool, interesting, technical, fun, or why not surprising topic, as long as it corresponds to the outline provided in our CFP.


Plopsec was born out of frustration. From the frustration of not being able to go to a whole bunch of IT security conferences taking place on the other side of the world to the formalism imposed by other events limiting the topics covered. From the frustration of seeing all these great conferences around the world canceled because of COVID-19. From the frustration of seeing only a few first-time speakers in front of a crowd waiting for overqualified people to teach some nice tricks.

It was then unanimously decided that it was necessary to make a gesture for the community, to offer it fresh and nourishing content to satisfy its insatiable appetite. And so allow everyone, shy and not so shy, to talk about a subject that is close to his/her heart, freeing himself/herself from stage fright and deadlines.


Plopsec is accessible online with a web browser, broadcast live ("streamed") usually on evenings, and available later on our website (except for private meetups that are only broadcast). The date of the meetup is announced 2 or 3 days before its broadcast, via the Twitter account @PlopSec.

A chat room will be available to ask your questions, and a moderator will formulate them to the speakers, according to the time limit set. You will not have to speak or identify yourself. Yes, this also breaks down the barriers during the question and answer phase.

call for proposals

We are looking for lightning talks (~10 minutes + 5 minutes QA), in the following areas (but we are open-minded and willing to consider any proposal that is closely or remotely related to these topics):

  • Reverse engineering of any kind (electronics, software, mechanics, etc.)
  • Social engineering techniques
  • Communication Technologies
  • Software Defined Radio
  • Application security and industrial protocols
  • Internet of Things
  • DFIR
  • Opensource tools
  • Exploit
  • Infosec methodology
  • Bug bounty feedback/tips/tricks
  • Feedback (pentest, redteam, reverse engineering, research, etc.)
  • 101s (about a concept, subject, technique, etc.).
  • ...

Proposals must be sent to plopsec@protonmail.com, presentations must be in English or French (with slides in English if possible).

Information required

  • Presentation title
  • Name or handle: feel free to use your handle :)
  • Is it your first talk ? Yes/No
  • Will you show videos ? Yes/No
  • Will you play sound ? Yes/No
  • Do you want your talk to be private (no recording)? Yes/No


You submit a proposal by sending an email to plopsec -@t- protonmail -d0t- com, mentioning the text "proposal" in the subject. The content of the email must contain in text format the answers to the above questions, accompanied by a summary of your presentation.

If your proposal is selected, you will receive an email from us. If it is not, you will also receive an email from us. Whenever possible, we will provide you with the general opinion of the program committee as to the content, so that you can understand why your proposal was rejected.

If your proposal is accepted, you will work on your presentation, associated demos, memes and jokes. You let us know your availability when you feel ready, and we will be happy to plan a recording session. Talks are recorded by Plopsec Team only for broadcast purpose. These recordings won't be made public, and will be deleted once broadcast. It allows us to add subtitles for our fellow French hackers who do not understand English, blur some stuff you may not want to be shown (or have forgotten to blur) during the meetup, and more generally to avoid any technical difficulties in order to make the meetup run smoothly.

You will then be asked to be available and connected to Plopsec during the meetup if you want to answer any question attendees may have. If you cannot make it, we will do our best to answer any possible question.


None, but we do our best to validate proposals in the order of arrival. This can take one to two weeks, depending on the number of proposals.


That's it, your subject has been validated by the committee, you are ready to share your secrets, your passion, in short! You have everything you need to win your 1st Ploppy Award !

Here are some golden rules to follow:

  • Heard you'll be: invest in a headset or a microphone but avoid us being more focused on deciphering your words than on understanding your subject

  • Prepared you will be: give us the pleasure to have a minimum of testing or rehearsal of your presentation, so that you can present it as clearly as possible

  • If you wish, you will be anonymous: we will give you a set of leads to help you in this quest, but we cannot be held responsible for a possible failure, if you make a mistake due to a lack of preparation

  • Smart you will be: you know how to express what is said and hide what should not be disclosed

In short, nothing to worry about, nothing complicated. Don't hesitate to read the manual of the perfect Plopper!